Hotel Bonaventure, Montréal
May 18-20, 2016

ECONOUS2016 brought together a diverse range of representatives from the community, business, education, charitable, and government sectors to discuss new ideas, resources and strategies to strengthen community economic development (CED) and small business growth across Canada.

Why People Attended

ECONOUS2016 Connect To connect with hundreds of people across Canada who shared a passion for building strong, inclusive community economies.
ECONOUS2016 Learn To learn from others about strategies that are working to generate positive local economic, social and environmental impacts in communities across Canada and elsewhere.
ECONOUS2016 Share To share what their priorities were, from addressing workforce development needs to revitalizing their community and more.
ECONOUS2016 Empower To leave empowered to make a difference in their community and in their workplace through the relationships they've developed with other participants and the new knowledge they have gained.


Those that arrived early in Montreal were able to attend the Economic Action Forum. They joined leaders in Canada's business community and discussed big ideas for small and medium businesses.

MAY 17-18, 2016

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Many thanks to our Sponsors!


Social Enterprise ManitobaECONOUS2016 was supported by Social Enterprise Manitoba through the Manitoba Social Enterprise Strategy


Government of Canada/Gouvernement du CanadaECONOUS2016 was supported by the Enabling Fund for Official Language Minority Communities of the Government of Canada


Via Rail CanadaECONOUS2016 delegates were able to take advantage of discounted train travel and a few won vouchers of $250 thanks to VIA Rail Canada. 


l'Empreinte coopérativeECONOUS2016 was supported by l'Empreinte cooperative, one of Quebec's most outstanding fine crafts cooperatives located at 88 St-Paul Street East in Old Montreal


Canadian HeritageECONOUS2016 was supported by Canadian Heritage







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